Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 12 and 13: April 24 and 25th

Shortly after getting to town I bought a much needed new pair of shoes with a MUCH wider toe box. When we took off our toe bandages that night both Alex and my right pinkie toes were well on their way to disintegrating, see picture if you dare, nails falling off and all.

With new shoes and socks we felt hopeful that at least some of our pain would soon be getting better.
We relaxed, gorged ourselves often and soaked in the hot tub as much as we could. There was an impromptu hiker’s meeting to discuss the snow on Fuller Ridge that we’re soon to encounter. Apparently an experienced hiker went up to the pass to see if it was even possible to cross, he fell and hurt himself somewhat badly. Because many of the hikers do not have extensive snow hiking experience the debate is whether to pass it by road and skip that section or not. The snow is over three miles of the trail and over five feet deep. More snow may be falling soon too. It’s a big debate because you’re skipping trail but Alex and I have decided that we’re not doing this to push our limits of safety. In the long run skipping a small section so as not to kill ourselves (the Ranger station said they’ve already had to rescue people because the trail gets lost among the snow and you can’t tell where you’re going) is worth trying to make it to the end alive.
We set out tomorrow for Big Bear City and we’re actually excited. No more tears tomorrow! Well…probably at some point in the day, but not right as we leave this time!!


Anonymous said...

Your family is thinking about you guys every day and are just amazed by your perseverance and dedication to your dream.
We all send our love--keep on, you're doing great!!!Auntie C

Jody and Emily said...

I love the name Budget and 2-pack! Sounds like a rough week....proud of you for sticking with it. AND for not trying to compete. I love the advice "Hike your own Hike".

thinking of yall!

jody and emily

Anonymous said...

Oh no! trail foot! I hope you guys brought along alot of moleskin - that stuff saved my life on many a long backpacking trip. . . maybe if you don't have any I'll bring you some by the time you get to Yosemite ;) keep up the good hiking!

preston k.

(that dude from Mosaic)

Kaitlynn said...

Hey guys! I've been reading all your stuff, you're doing so good walking through the desert...I might still swap it for school for a few months though. alex, props for being so supportive...bek, you're going to make it, i bet you're a cute little damsel in distress (well most of the time lol) I love you guys and keep going! I think your friend's advice to hike your own hike. you've got time...better to go slower and potentially not make it as far than hate it the whole time. I'll try to give you a call soon but until then love you heaps! kaitlynn

Kaitlynn said...

oh i meant to say the hike your own hike thing is great advice but i guess i have pre-finals/ morning brain. ok loooove youuu bye bye

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you two.

Jeanne Wong(Mosaic)