Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 4, 5 and 6: April 16-18

I think I can easily say that these were my least favorite three days of the...oh my life. For three days we went ridge, over endless ridge, ridgelet and gully around Scissors Crossing and the San Felipe hills. It was unbelievably hot and endless. This is a short blog because my disgust for them runs so deep that there isn't much to say (we did experience our first "trail magic" though when trail angels brought drinks and snacks to us at Scissors Crossing. Thank you Sparky, Jellybean and Shorty!).
On day six I told Alex quite honestly while collapsed in a wash in the desert while running out of water and nearly out of food that I didn't think I could make it the 21 miles to Warner Springs. It was mid afternoon and I was as collapsed as can be with a pack and sleeping pad attached to my back. As dusty tears rolled down my cheeks I looked skyward and watched the birds begin to circle us. I looked apologetically to Alex and actually thought that I might die where I lay. Luckily I didn't and we made it with Gumpy Bear to a random ridge to sleep the night.

Oh! I nearly forgot, on the night of day four Gumpy Bear and Alex and I all camped in a soft creek bed, it looked like the perfect place to set up camp. Alex and I went to bed in our tent, got a bit cold and apparently slept on our faces to keep warm.

These photos have not been doctored.